Linda Ramsey-Staffen – President
877-404-8060 ext 1

With years of experience in the insurance industry, Linda has built a client base of over 1,500 satisfied clients by providing education and guidance on the many options available in today’s ever-changing healthcare world.

Linda is passionate about her work, her customers, and her community. She serves as an Ambassador for both Knoxville Chamber and Williamson County Chamber. She also hosts events with area senior centers and volunteers with various non-profit organizations.

She prides herself on building trusting relationships and has received repeated recognition for outstanding sales and service.

Heather Fathy – Agent/Advisor
877-404-8060 ext 2

Heather brings a welcomed base of knowledge with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Through the course of her career, Heather has had the opportunity to work with many individuals and is dedicated to personal service. Through these experiences, Heather has built essential, trusting relationships and she is excited to continue providing exceptional care and advice as she helps her customers in East Tennessee understand all their options in meeting their insurance needs.

Heather plans to get involved with the Knoxville Chamber as well as working with various senior centers to help educate and guide their members. Customers will find that Heather is a joy to work with as she is compassionate and full of energy, life and laughter.

Brooke Thurman – Agent/Advisor
877-404-8060 ext 3

Brooke has spent over 10 years working with businesses on their human resources and insurance. She thrives on helping people find the best possible solutions for their specific needs and welcomes the opportunity to assist with their insurance decisions. 

She is excited to continue her involvement with the Knoxville business community. Brooke is one of the founders of a quarterly giving circle called 100 Women Who Care Knoxville, a member-driven organization to support specific non-profit projects in our area.

She has proven her ability to serve her customers needs and will go the extra mile to ensure they are receiving the best possible care. She looks forward to building long-lasting relationships with her customers.

Randianne Sears – Agent/Advisor
877-404-8060 ext 4

Randianne comes to Core Insurance Advisors with over 10 years of experience working with the aging population. Throughout most of her career, she has dedicated her service as a preventative health and aging advocate through exercise and nutrition. She understands the importance of trusting someone with your healthcare choices and values the relationships she has with each of her clients and customers. Randianne is optimistic that she will continue to serve the needs of Middle Tennessee by providing exceptional customer service in both educational and insurance product services.

Randianne plans to continue to serve the Middle Tennessee area in community service and Chamber projects. Her enthusiasm in serving others is what makes her successful in the healthcare industry and is apparent in how she lives her life.

Teja Cain – Agent/Advisor
877-404-8060 ext 5

Teja has been in healthcare industry for 15 years as a Diabetes Account Manager, Home Health Care Representative, Business Development Manager for Dental Providers and Cardiovascular & Nervous System Medical Device Representative. During this time Teja provided the community with free educational seminars and personally making sure diabetes patients wouldn’t have to worry about their glucometers. She provided clinics for Healthy Habits, Balance Clinic, Hypertension & Cholesterol discussions, Diabetic Bingo, and has volunteered at Assisted Living facilities in East TN.

Teja was also a liaison between a mail order pharmacy and 400 insurance agents in TN, KY and VA, providing information to each agent on how to keep their clients informed of the changes in diabetes coverage. During that time, the bug to provide services to seniors, has been planted and about 7 years later, an opportunity arose to realize a quiet dream she’s had for all these years.

Having such varied background allows Teja to intimately understand some of the special needs of seniors, which ultimately helps her provide extra assistance to her clients. And that is what her ultimate goal is – do the best she can to help those in need of insurance coverage.

Nancy Fish – Agent/Advisor
877-404-8060 ext 6

Nancy has been helping clients with their insurance needs since 2008. She is licensed in life health and annuity, long term care and medicare, and also holds a Legal Expense license helping clients protect their ID and Legal concerns with affordable access.

Nancy does a great job of listening to her clients and explaining to them what their options are and how the policy is going to work for them.
Nancy would be happy to review your current policies and give you an honest opinion of your coverage in comparison to current policies. She knows that it’s sometimes better to update your policy and it’s sometimes best to stay with the policy you have. Please contact her with any questions or to schedule a one-on-one.